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Anti-Racism - Downloadable Images

By Sara Thompto

Owner of No Coast Paper Co

& I Heart Indie Markets

Small - 3"x4" (Sticker File)

3"x4" PDF
Download • 85KB

Medium - 8"x10" (Art Print File)

8_x10_ PDF
Download • 101KB

Large - 16"x20" (Poster File)

16"x 20" PDF
Download • 103KB

Small - 3"x4" (Sticker File)

3"x4" PDF
Download • 100KB

Medium - 8"x10" (Art Print File)

8"x10" PDF
Download • 121KB

Large - 16"x20" (Poster File)

16"x20" PDF
Download • 125KB

Small - 3"x4" (Sticker File)

3"x4" PDF
Download • 90KB

Medium - 8"x10" (Art Print File)

8_x10_ PDF
Download • 95KB

Large - 16"x20" (Poster File)

16_x20_ PDF
Download • 96KB


The images and PDF's on this page are free to use for any Pro-Black Lives Matter usage. On this webpage are various file sizes - ones for stickers (3"x4"), one for art prints (8"x10") and one for posters or protest signs (16"x20").

Feel free to share the digital images as much as you’d like with friends and family or on social media.

You can use these designs for personal use, including printing.

***You can sell products made with these files and you can recoup the money you put into the product, however, all profits must be donated to a nonprofit dealing with pro- Black Lives Matter activities. Simply put, you cannot make a profit using these files or printed work from these files, etc, but you can raise money using these images to be donated to Pro - Black Lives Matters nonprofit groups.

You cannot sell these files.

You cannot alter the integrity of these images.

You cannot claim this artwork as your own.

If you want to use these files but you have a question about what you can and can't do with them, please reach out to Sara at

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Period. End of Story. No if's, and's, but's or contingencies.

If you don't agree with that statement, you might not be the best person to download these images.

© Sara Thompto

- - -

The Story Behind the Designs

Since May 31st I have been in a moving truck, SUV or hotel as I moved from Michigan to California... and then continued North to Seattle to spend the month with my brother. I used the many, many hours I had in a car and/or hotel to reflect, research, donate, and become better informed on the Black Lives Matter movement. I still have a ton to learn.

I’ve been paying particular attention to posts and reactions from my black friends and family.

In one such post I saw something written by a friend, Antwon Chavis, that really struck a cord with me. His overall post was powerful, but the specific sentence I couldn't get out of my head read: “There is a difference between ‘I don’t see color’ and ‘I see your color, and it’s beautiful.’”

After days of thinking back on this post frequently, I reached out to see if I could make a design inspired by his writing. Antwon graciously let me use his words and two knew designs were created.

The third new design is about being better and not giving up.

It’s about realizing we can all be better informed. We can be uncomfortable. We *cannot* let this movement fall to the wayside. We must be vigilant in making sure this discussion stays in the spotlight. We must do anything and everything in our power to help be part of the solution. We cannot be complacent and allow ourselves to be complicit in letting racism continue.

I'll state it again: BLACK LIVES MATTER. Period. End of Story. No if's, and's, but's or contingencies.

If you don't agree with that statement, go away.

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