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Marketing and Growth

Growing your business can be a challenge, but there are so many tools out there, whether it's easy to use DIY website hosting companies or camps to keep you inspired and conferences to learn more about your trade. Here are some helpful links to get you started and keep you inspired!

Helpful Marketing Links

Building a Website

Some common and user friendly websites for building and hosting a site for your business include: 

Handmade E Commerce Sites

Social Media

Print Marketing Materials

It's always great to form connections with local print shops when the possibility is there but sometimes we don't live near a print shop with the capabilities we need. Here are some great websites that ship all over the country: 

Credit Card Apps

Federal/National Helpful Links

EIN Numbers & Hiring Employees

Wondering what an EIN is and if you even need it? The IRS has you covered

Apply for your EIN Number on the IRS website.

Federal Taxes

Are you self employeed and wondering about how and when to file taxes? 

The IRS website has tons of tax info laid out for you.

Helpful Links by State


Building a Creative Business and Community, and Building a Creative Self


Creative Retreats


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