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Focusing on the Indie Maker

While I Heart Indie Markets (I.H.I.M.) is a platform that helps makers grow their business with indie markets - I Heart Indie Makers focuses solely on the maker themselves.  


The one thing about the handmade community that is arguably the best thing, is that as a group of people, we largely just want to see one another succeed. Makers tend to be the biggest cheerleaders and customers of other makers. When you create something and understand the time and energy it takes to make something from scratch, you learn to appreciate the process and craftsmanship behind the entire handmade community. 

In honor of the modern indie maker, I Heart Indie Makers was born. Through this creation we have multiple tools to help indie makers feel connected to the indie making community, including a chance to share their story, give advice and receive advice, and meet up in person to make new friends, collaborate on projects and build community.

I Heart Indie Markets - Instagram

I Heart Indie Makers

The Story Behind the Maker

Each week new makers are featured from around the country on our @iheartindiemakers Instagram account and Facebook page. In these posts we learn how they got started in the handmade world and what inspires them to continue. We also learn tidbits of advice from maker to maker.

Want to share your story and be featured on the @iheartindiemakers Instagram and Facebook? Fill out our questionnaire! Features will be posted anywhere from four days to four months after the questionnaire has been filled out depending on our backlog. We will email to let you know when your feature will be posted! 


Makers Supporting Makers

Help from Those who Know the Hustle

Join our private Facebook group, I Heart Indie Makers, where indie makers can ask other makers  business questions, big or small! This way makers are getting real time advice from other people following a similar path, instead of searching for information online  and hoping for the best. Group admins also strive to post questions regularly so we can see what other makers are up to and what new creations are in the works! 


Tip: If you request to join the I Heart Indie Makers private Facebook group, be sure to answer the questions!

Image by Katy Anne

Maker Meetups

Let's Hangout and Make Friends

Join us for our Maker Meetups where we can have a drink or a bite to eat and get to know one another! It’s a great way to make connections in the indie maker world and talk handmade with fellow creators. Follow @iheartindiemakers or join our mailing list to know when the next meetups will take place.

Suggestions on fun group outings are also taken into considerations! If you'd like for us to plan a Makers Meetup in your city and have an idea for a fun event, please reach out at

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