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Event & Vendor Info


I Heart Indie Markets: Pop-up Events is guided by the following ethos: Community Over Competition and Makers Supporting Makers. To us, it's about more than a couple of hashtags. 

All of our events are all about community: cultivating community, loving the community we live in, and of course, building up the maker in our community.

The majority of our events strive to connect local area businesses (primarily bars, breweries, distilleries, wineries, etc) with local makers and crafters, to bring the two together into one fun event - a unique makers market and bar crawl experience!

The Makers Market & Bar Hop events will typically involve multiple locations within walking distance of one another so shoppers can get out and walk around the community, while stopping to have drink or bite to eat, all while shopping handmade goods. 

Occasionally we do have events at one location, but even these events tie in the community through food trucks, fun activities for kids and families, etc. 

I.H.I.M. Pop-ups also loves to collaborate with community events such as tree lighting ceremonies or fundraisers, to help promote artists, while joining the community in celebrations and giving back.

Venues and Booth Space

The venues we work with are primarily in the adult beverage industry (breweries, distilleries, wineries, etc). Each location is different but most offer us space either inside and outside their establishments. Sometimes we'll be inside on their main floor or outside on the patio. Other-times we'll take over their warehouse or part of the parking lot. ​Each event typically has vendors both inside and outside, depending on the location. In areas of the country where weather is a major factor, we do take that into account before planning an outside event. 

Vendors have a chance to mark their preference for an inside or outside booth on the vendor application. 

Typically the minimum booth space is an 8ft x 5ft space. Inside booth spaces are never larger than 8ft x 5ft, however our outside spaces tend to be slightly larger. Some outside spaces can even accommodate a 10x10 booth. 

Some outside locations will have tents provided, while some are not provided but the vendor is welcome to bring an umbrella, etc. 


Vendor Information

All of our events are curated. The goal is to have a diverse offering of products with a solid mix of established and new-to-the-scene vendors. It's also a goal to keep from over saturating any one category.

Vendor selection is based on originality, product selection, and booth presentation (if you're an established vendor).


If you have never done a show before do not be intimidated! We love to help artists who are just starting out. If this is your very first vending experience, we're happy to help you navigate your first show! 


If there is a debate on which vendor to include with similar products, we typically choose the vendor more local to the event, however makers from out of the region or state may apply and may be accepted as well!

Please note: All of our events include vendors who produce handmade and/or hand crafted items.


Curated vintage, artist collectives and fair trade vendors who promote handcrafted work from other parts of the world will be considered and may also apply.


We will also consider subscription boxes which contain work from handmade artists.

Non-profit organizations interested in being present at an event should reach out to Sara directly at



We do not accept Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or direct sales vendors to our handmade events.

Have any questions? Please reach out to

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