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Employment Opportunities

Ethos of Working for I Heart Indie Markets

I Heart Indie Markets (IHIM) is a startup built around helping artists, makers and creative entrepreneurs with growing a successful business by offering tools, community support and quality makers market pop-up events. 


In 2017 founder, Sara Thompto, started Madison Makers Market which quickly became a popular and much anticipated pop-up event in Madison, WI. Two years later, I Heart Indie Markets was born when the company went national with its informational reach and event planning. IHIM has grown quickly, starting in Wisconsin and working its way to California, Oregon, Washington, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. IHIM is in a season of rapid growth, with plans to expand to seven more states in 2022, and further new territories in 2023. Meanwhile, we are diversifying our event structures, building up our informational website tools, and looking into new opportunities to further our objective of helping the maker community thrive. 


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I Heart Indie Markets is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  I Heart Indie Markets values diversity within a workplace and community, and wants you to come exactly as you are, regardless of your race, religion, sex or gender identity, mental or physical disability, age, national origin or ethnicity, sexual orientation, martial status, veteran status or parental status.


Now Hiring


Day-of Event Coordinator

Position Start Date: Spring/Summer 2022.

Events take place 3-4 times per year, per city. Day-of Event Coordinator will be notified 3 months in advance of event date. Coordinator must be able to make at least 66-75% of the events per year.

Location: We have positions open in the following cities - 

  • Minneapolis, MN

  • Chicago, IL

  • Grand Rapids, MI

  • Detroit, MI

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Philadelphia, PA

  • Kansas City, MO

  • Oklahoma City, OK

  • Houston, TX

  • Austin, TX

  • Phoenix, AZ

  • Albuquerque, NM

  • San Diego, CA

  • Santa Barbara, CA

  • Alameda, CA

  • Santa Rosa, CA

  • Portland, OR

  • Seattle, WA

Brief Description of Position:

The Day-Of Event Coordinator’s role is to be a point of contact at local area I Heart Indie Markets events, as well as to report back to I Heart Indie Markets about the event. 


Duties Include:

  • Be at the event at least a half hour before setting up to meet with venue contacts and post signage, yard signs and sandwich boards around the neighborhood.

  • Field all questions during the setup process that might arise from setup volunteers including but not limited to, helping vendors access wi-fi networks and passwords, help determining booth locations based on vendor maps, helping find electrical outlets, reminding vendors to park in the correct areas, help handle other questions or concerns and whatever else may arise unexpectedly while vendors setup at an event.

  • Make rounds during the event.

  • Snap photos of the event with your camera phone. These do not need to be professional quality images - they will mainly be used for internal use or a social media post or two.

  • Help close out the event by taking down signage, make sure all vendors have taken all of their belongings with them, and check in with the venues to see how their day went. 

  • Fill out and send in the I Heart Indie Markets Q & A sheet about the event, so we can know how it went and know of any issues we may need to address in the future. 

Example Event Schedule (8 hrs)

9:30am: Meet with venue volunteers to distribute vendor maps and venue information (provided by IHIM). Put up sandwich board signs and yard signs in front of venues and in the surrounding neighborhood. 


10:00am-12:30pm: Make rounds between each location to make sure setup is going smoothly. Talk with vendors and setup volunteers and help answer questions as needed. Keep your phone available for phone calls or text messages from setup volunteers in case of emergency setup issues. 


12:30pm-2:00pm: Break.


2:00pm-5:00pm: Make rounds between locations. Speak with every single vendor at least once and see how their day is going. Start filling out the IHIM event form. Take some general photos of the event along the way. Shop and enjoy a drink. 


5:00pm-6:00pm: Take down signs. Stop by each location and check that vendors are tearing down. Ask venue event contact or someone at the bar how the day went for them and thank them for hosting us. Send an image of the event form and the event photos to IHIM.



  • Must have a vehicle or reliable transportation to the event

  • Must be able to pick up the signs from a storage unit before the event

  • Must be personable/able to talk to many people 



  • Yard Signs (provided)

  • Sandwich board signs (provided)

  • Phone or Camera (employee must use their own)


Pay & Benefits:

  • $25/hr

  • Free booth space at the event you are overseeing ($50-$125 value depending on city and event). Please note: You may offer your free booth to a friend who has been accepted into the event with a creative handmade business, or have a friend/family member run your own booth while you are completing your IHIM duties. IHIM duties must be made a priority, especially during setup and takedown. 

  • $50 shopping money for the event

  • Reimbursement for lunch, up to $25


How to Apply

Send your résumé and answers to the following questions to with "Day-of Event Coordinator - [City you are applying for]" in the subject-line. 

  1. What city are you applying for?

  2. Have you been a vendor with I Heart Indie Markets before? If so, what is your business name and what are your business social media handles? 

  3. What attracted you to apply for the Day-of Event Coordinator position? 

  4. Are you committed to working as the Day-of Event Coordinator for at least 66-75% of the events we host in the city you are applying for? This number varies from city to city but is typically 3-4 events per city.

  5. Why do you want to work for I Heart Indie Markets?

Application Close Date: Open Until Filled.

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